The Music of the Phantom 2014
My Dear Friends in Christ,

Our concert series is a ministry that offers not only entertainment for the broader Pompano Beach community but also enjoyment and great fellowship. Thanks to an amazing gift from Ada de Luque, who serves as the soloist in our choir, as well as director and writer of the narration for our production of The Music of the Phantom, and to Norman Danzis, our organist and choir director, we took our concert series to an entirely different level. Below are a few photos that will give you only a slight sense of how wonderful the evening was thanks to the ministry of so many here at St. Nicholas - behind the scene as well in the theater spotlight.

God's grace encompasses us at St. Nicholas and we are blessed in so many ways! To Ada, to Norman, to the cast and crew, thank you!

To God who works miracles through disciples of His Son our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit that He pours out upon us, All Glory, Honor and Praise!!!

Soli Deo Gloria,
Mark Andrew+
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