The Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop Is Permanently Closed

We're sorry but we cannot accept donations at this time

We often tend to describe the St Nicholas Thrift Shop ministry in operational terms but more importantly, it’s about the human part of our shop.  Our goal is to enable people to care for their family with pride and dignity. Making our customers happy, fulfilling their needs, giving them great customer service, good merchandise, and affordable prices is really what the Thrift Shop is all about. 

Each day we receive a variety of donations that with the help of our volunteers are cleaned, sorted, and priced.  Your donations and proceeds go to help us fund our ministries.  Clothing is made available directly on the spot to the homeless and those in need through our voucher program.  We are proud to support the Veterans Association by donating goods and clothing to them directly several times a year.  In short, it is always about helping our brothers and sisters to survive the rough times with dignity. 

Stop by just to say hello or browse our assortment.  We promise to tempt you with great deals! You may even want to join us for one of our Spring or Fall Sidewalk Tent Sales.  I look forward to meeting you personally. 

 May God Bless You!

Any questions, please contact Marie Salanitri